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Sexual Abuse Counseling Will Help You Get Your Feelings Out.

We are the experts in working with survivors of Sexual Violence.

Survivors of sexual abuse often avoid addressing the painful memories of their past. Although speaking of these experiences can be challenging, it can be liberating as well. That’s why, expressing those emotions is the beginning of taking back what the sexual abuse has taken from you.

Often a survivor struggles with feelings of numbness, fear of intimacy, shame for “allowing the incident to happen” and many more emotions. However, while it is be challenging to face these emotions, utilizing these emotions as the basis for healing helps with self-love and recovery.

Sexual violence can lead to survivors having difficulty identifying and validating their own thoughts and emotions. Counseling helps survivors express and value their own emotions again.

Sexual abuse can lead to painful emotions like anger, guilt, and shame. Sexual abuse counseling can help you gain a new perspective on life. After facing emotions, survivors have the opportunity to challenge the way they see themselves and create new hope for their future.

What is Sexual Abuse Trauma? 

The Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) says there are many types of sexual violence that can cause sexual abuse trauma. However, it’s important to understand that a perpetrator does not need to touch an individual to sexually abuse a person or commit sexual violence against them. 

Examples of sexual abuse trauma include: 

  • Sexual harassment 
  • Stalking 
  • Child sexual abuse 
  • Military sexual trauma 
  • Intimate partner violence 
  • Drug-facilitated sexual assault 
  • Sexual abuse by healthcare professional 
  • Sexual exploitation by service or helping professional 
  • Harassment, or unsolicited or non-consensual sexual interactions through technology 

Signs & Symptoms of Sexual Abuse Trauma 

When a person beginsto act out in certain ways or has specific physical symptoms, these might be warning signs that someone is sexually abusing them or that they have been sexually assaulted. If you notice these sexual abuse trauma symptoms or warning signs it may be time to reach out for professional help. 

  • Frequent nightmares 
  • Frightened or upset by thoughts and memories 
  • Easily irritated and has angry outbursts 
  • Suddenly avoids certain people or places 
  • Seems on edge and easily startled 
  • Struggles to get a good night’s sleep 
  • Develops a negative outlook on life 
  • Feels misplaced guilt or shame 
  • Growing sense of low self-esteem 

Sexual Abuse Counseling

Together, we will create a safe space for you to share your experience. Speaking your truth can bring clarity and help you gain insight in how your past experiences impacts your life. Developing an awareness about your thoughts and behaviors in regards to relationships and sexuality is a powerful experience.  Once you gain insight and bring compassion to these patters and their origins, the ability to make more productive choices becomes possible.  

During counseling the focus will be on:

  • Telling your story
  • Believing it happened
  • Believing the abuse was NOT your fault
  • Dealing with and processing anger
  • Understanding how the abuse affected your life
  • Grieving losses
  • Correcting dysfunctional behaviors stemming from the abuse

Your future does not have to be defined by your past.

If you need help taking back your life after an experience of sexual abuse or sexual violence, speaking with a counselor is the beginning your own healing process.

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