Divorce Therapy

The benefits of Divorce Therapy

  • Working through your emotions about ending the marriage without shaming and blaming each other,
  • Understanding the predictable stages of the divorce process like when crises are most likely to occur. This allows you to maneuver through them easier,
  • Learning to say goodbye in a peaceful and productive way, while also honoring the time spent together,
  • Strengthening your communication and coping skills,
  • Learning how to establish rules and healthy boundaries to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.
  • Time to work through your feelings, grieve the loss, and cope with challenges post-divorce.
  • Accept the end of your marriage and turn what you think is a failure into an opportunity for personal growth.
  • Help you understand your part in the negative patterns present in your previous relationship, so you don’t repeat them in future relationships.

The Impact of Divorce on Family

Maintaining the integrity of each member of the family during this emotionally chaotic process challenges many couples. The end of a marriage does not mean the end of a family—it continues on in a different form after a divorce. The acrimony typical of many divorces arises when the spouses discuss how that new family structure will operate. To successfully navigate this process, couples need objective and knowledgeable guidance to create strategies which are not based on emotion and confusion.

Whether the decision was made by you or your spouse, or you both mutually decided to divorce, there is a lot involved in the process. While lawyers help their clients deal with the legal aspects of divorce, they are unprepared to address the emotional aspects of divorce, such as grieving, co-parenting, and rebuilding one’s life.

Divorce therapy is recommended when one or both members of the couple are determined to end the relationship. Its purpose is to end the marriage peacefully. The therapists at Dr. Stephen Oreski & Associates in Paramus, NJ, are trained to help you end your marriage in the best way possible. We also provide online therapy if one or both of you can’t make it to in-person counseling. We can take you through the emotional process of splitting up.

If you are seeking emotional assistance and support during a divorce. We offer you support and guidance, and help you figure out how to start rebuilding your life. You learn how to better care for yourself and cope with this difficult transition in your life.

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