Work and Career Issues

Are you experiencing work and career issues?

  • Are you unhappy at work?
  • Does the thought of Monday fill you with dread?
  • Are there personalities that you find hard to deal with?

Working life can be very rewarding. It brings satisfaction, a sense of achievement, and social connections. As well as, earning an income and creating am overall sense of satisfaction. However, sometimes things aren’t so smooth, or we hit a crossroads in our career or professional life.

Worries and anxieties involving work are common. Many people suffer from concerns about job and income security. These issues can become unsettling and disruptive to daily life causing uneasiness, anxiety, and even fear for the future.

Work issues may cause:

  • Sleeplessness – thinking about the next work day
  • Feelings of loneliness or isolation
  • Anxiety or agitation anticipating possible scenarios
  • On-going distraction and an inability to concentrate
  • Excessive worries regarding potential job change or loss
  • Inability to obtain or maintain a job
  • Concern for career direction in relation to life purpose
  • Overwhelming job stress
  • Dissatisfaction with current job or career
  • Feeling unfulfilled or inadequate
  • Social and ethical work complications

Career issues can follow you home from work resulting in an inability to separate work and home life. This can cause tension in relationships, arguments with family, and even difficulty sleeping. Individuals may begin to experience a lack of motivation or turn to substances, or other maladaptive behaviors for stress relief.

Therapy for work and career issues can help resolve work imbalances.

If you want to address negative thoughts and behaviors and regain control of your day-to-day life, give us a call.

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