Alice Lynch LSW

Alice Lynch LSW is a Licensed Social Worker with a dual Master’s degree from NYU in Social Work and Special Education from Fordham University, embodying a rich professional background in school-based counseling and comprehensive evaluations for both individuals and groups.

Driven by a passion for ensuring equitable educational opportunities, Alice actively collaborates with parents and educators to support students on their academic journeys. She provides compassionate emotional support while preserving the dignity of each student, focusing on identifying their unique needs and goals. Alice equips them with healthy coping strategies and connects them with resources vital for their success.

In her capacity, Alice fosters interdisciplinary collaboration with fellow professionals to provide holistic support to students. She actively engages with community resources to bolster the overall well-being of her clients. Alice tailors her interventions to meet individual needs by employing a range of modalities, such as strength-based, solution-focused, and cognitive-behavioral approaches. Throughout her practice, she consistently underscores the importance of respecting individual dignity, empowering clients to enrich their lives, and fostering independence.