eating disorder

Eating Disorders

How Do We Define Eating Disorders? Eating disorders are patterns of behavior that can be characterized by persistent disruptions in the way a person eats. Eating disorders affect up to…
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Mindfulness for Trauma Treatment

Mindfulness for Trauma Treatment

While most people will experience challenges and hardship in their life, some people experience trauma. We’re beginning to understand trauma better now and have recognized that trauma is actually a…
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Treatment for Social Anxiety

  According to a report from the American Psychological Association (APA), nearly 50% of Americans have expressed that they feel some social anxiety regarding resuming in-person interactions post-pandemic. For a year now, most of…
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What is Emotional Incest?

Many of us grew up in households that were dysfunctional, where boundaries between parents and adults were blurred in unhealthy ways. Emotional incest is not of a sexual nature, but…
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Holiday Stress Prevention Tips

The holidays are right around the corner! And that means many of us will begin losing our minds, patience, and good cheer. Well, can you blame us? The holidays are…
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Pre-marriage counseling

“I do.” Two simple enough words. And when you say them on your wedding day, you really mean them. But “I do” can quickly turn into, “I thought I could” when…
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