Coping With Losing a Friendship

People often tend to place more significance on the grid or loss of a romantic relationship than they do on the loss of a friendship. But in many cases, losing a friendship can be more difficult than losing a significant other, especially if the friendship had lasted for many years. With romantic relationships, we usually know that there’s always the possibility of a breakup, but we typically imagine friendships lasting forever. So when we have a falling-out with a friend, it can take a considerable toll on our mental health.

Tips for Coping With the Loss of a Friendship

If you’ve recently lost a friend, it’s important that you treat yourself with kindness and compassion. Make sure to:

  • Eat a nutritious diet
  • Exercise
  • Get plenty of sleep each night
  • Take time for self-care

While it’s true that no one can truly take the place of the friend you’ve lost, surrounding yourself with supportive loved ones can play a crucial role in easing the sense of isolation you may feel. Engaging with family members or other friends, especially during activities you once enjoyed with your lost friend, can be both comforting and healing. For instance, if you had plans to see the latest blockbuster movie with your friend, why not invite someone else close to you? This could be another friend or a family member who shares your interests.

Additionally, consider transforming your regular routines into opportunities for new experiences. If Friday nights were your special time with your lost friend, this could now become a window for exploring new hobbies or interests. Maybe you could join a local club, start a new sport, or even volunteer. This way, you’re not just filling time but also enriching your life with new connections and experiences.

It’s natural and okay to grieve the loss of your friendship. This process might take time, and it’s important to allow yourself to feel and express these emotions. Over time, you’ll likely find that the pain eases, and you can remember your friend with more joy than sadness. Remember, it’s possible to cherish the memories of your past while still moving forward. Embracing new experiences doesn’t mean you’re replacing your friend or forgetting them; it simply means you’re continuing to live a life that’s full and joyful, a life that your friend would have surely wanted for you.

Start Moving Forward From Your Loss

Losing a friend can be very difficult, but a therapist who specializes in healing from loss can make the coping process much easier.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to meeting with you and helping you move on from your grief.